Tibetan Om Pendants
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Tibetan Om Pendants or amulets


Om is the Original Sound. All sound, all vibration, is part of Om. If you could hear all the sounds of the Cosmos at one time, you would hear "Om".

Some spell it Aum or Ohm --- Om is beyond all boundaries.

Scientists have found a hum with their telescopes in every direction of outer space - these men of science believe that this Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) dates to a short time after the creation of our Universe.

Mystics would say that the Primordial First Act was the split from the One into two. These uneven parts were balanced in the Golden Section ratio (about 1 to 1.6) . This ratio is central to harmony in music and art. And this is Om.

Tibetan Om Pendants or amulets

Om is the original word of power. A playful circle of people Om-ing together for a few minutes can create a multidimensional tapestry of interweaving tones, growing and falling as resonance and harmony between the singers moves seemingly with a mind of its own. On an evening hilltop it is beyond magical.

Om circles can also be forceful - I once attended a meeting where the intent of the group was to Om together for world peace. This was loud, determined Oming, each person deliberately directing energy and focus to the center of the circle. It was neither harmonic nor pretty, a union of purpose not of spirit, and it left the room crackling with energy.

Om is voices in unison, each different, each with its own variations, but each in harmony with the rest. And Om, for that reason, can be used exploitively, to drown out dissent, to enforce conformity. We dream of a world of harmony, yet free will involves the right to dissonance, the right to find one's own "notes" not accepting those of others. Sometimes what appears to be dissonance becomes the basis of a deeper, previously unexpected chord.

Yet ultimately, Om includes all dissonance. Within the realm of our universe nothing can be beyond Om. What we call our ideals of Good and Evil are but parts of the whole, complements not opposites.

Om is beyond Good and Evil. The opposite of Om is non-existence. Om and non-existence are words whose meaning are far beyond our grasp, whose interplay create all that we perceive.

Aum seems to be the most meaningful spelling, reflective of "the one becoming the three" of mystical numerology. Osho has pointed out that there is a fourth - the silence after the word is spoken.

Ohm is a recent innovation, for some reason becoming popular. Conventionally, an "ohm" is a unit of electrical resistance. Perhaps there is an unintended deeper meaning there.

Om becomes omni - "all, everywhere". In Latin they said omnis - "all, every".

Ohm, Aum, Om is literal Universal Truth.
"In the Beginning was the Word".
Singular --- One Word.
..... In the End, also, the Word.

Tibetan Om Pendants or amulets

"Aum ... represents to our ears the sound of the energy of the Universe, of which all things are manifestations. ... It's written A - U - M. You start at the back of the mouth: ahhh, and then: oooo, you fill the mouth, and mmmm closes at the mouth.

"And when you pronounce this properly all vowel sounds are in that pronunciation. ... Consonants are regarded simply as interruptions of Aum. And all words are thus fragments of Aum. As all images are fragments of the form of Aum of which all things are just reflections.

And so Aum is a symbol, a symbolic sound that puts you in touch with that throbbing being that is the Universe."

Joseph Cambell - The Power of Myth part 6

Hindu Om Pendant


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